Interesting day already

by Sarah Luna

Apparently all the servers on campus are down today. Dr. Miles was not able to log on to the computer for biochem, so he presented his entire lecture from memory on the chalkboard. I was thoroughly impressed. Dr. Miles is quite the character. He is tall and loud and wears really thick black rimmed 50s glasses. He covered three chalkboards multiple times with graphs and equations and illegible scribbles. He kept switching the chalkboards until he found a corner he liked. It was the most entertaining biochem lecture I’ve had in quite some time.

After that, I met my 405 group in WCL (West Campus Library). However, we could not accomplish anything, since the network was down. I’m rather frustrated because now we have to work longer on Sunday. My 430W project is also due today, and I can’t print it out.

Not knowing what to do with my sudden four free hours of time, I return to Clements and find this IM:

(10:03:10) Drew: half of the A&M network fell off the face of the planet
(10:03:14) Drew: all of southside
(10:03:28) Drew: myrecord, www, netid, all those servers
(10:49:25) Me: i know, west campus too
(10:49:37) Me: which resulted in a hilarious BICH lecture
(10:49:52) Me: but my group was supposed to meet
(10:49:54) Me: and we did
(10:50:02) Me: but we couldn’t accomplish anything
(10:50:09) Me: so that’s frustrating
(10:51:40) Drew: wait, west campus is down too?
(10:51:43) Me: yes
(10:51:48) Me: i heard that everywhere was
(10:51:58) Drew: That shouldn’t happen; it should route through Wehner
(10:52:01) Drew Fisher: not teague
(10:52:02) Me: i heard that evans was down
(10:52:07) Drew: evans is NOT down
(10:52:14) Drew: or I couldn’t be talking to you
(10:52:18) Me: SOMEONE SAID IT WAS
(10:52:21) Drew: our traffic goes through evans
(10:52:27) Drew: Teague is down.
(10:52:35) Drew: that’s all.
(10:52:43) Me: i’m merely reiterating the fact that i only have 2nd hand knowledge
(10:52:45) Drew: granted, that houses netID and a bunch of other things
(10:52:48) Drew: not mad at you 🙂
(10:52:54) Me: 😛
(10:53:07) Drew: so anything requiring a netID logon will be down for a while
(10:53:12) Me: yes
(10:53:15) Drew: anything ending in will probably be down for a while
(10:53:24) Drew: most computers on campus probably won’t have a route to the internet
(10:53:32) Drew: tell people in the dorms not to disconnect their laptops
(10:53:40) Drew: or they won’t be able to get back on until everything is fixed
(10:53:46) Drew: wireless is down everywhere

I’m glad I have Drew to explain these things to me. I guess I’ll work on slides for the rest of the day. Or my costume…since I don’t really have one yet.