so much work

by Sarah Luna

Quite a lot has happened since last Friday. Most notably, Obama was elected president. I was on the phone with Evelyn when I flipped on the television and heard the news. It caused quite a stir here and provoked some intense discussion.

Grand Rounds was a huge success. Our presentation was exactly 35 minutes long and delved into the complications and treatment of hepatic encephalopathy. I received a 52/50.

I talked with Dr. Dyer today about my research. She wants a draft of the first two sections of the paper by November 15th. I have not begun writing at all, merely reading. I understand why she wants me to start writing, but it will be very difficult for me to churn out 40-60 pages in 10 days. Especially since I have two exams and a paper due next week as well. Once I get her the draft, she will review it, and we will start outlining how exactly to make the most of my time in Spain.

Next Week:

Tuesday: The 405 exam is entirely essay-based and entirely based on case studies. Luckily, my professor allows us to use our notes on her tests. She knows that as professionals we will have access to different materials and literature. Even so, the actual exam is a formidable 2 hours.

Wednesday: 430W paper is due. Ms. Lorenz assigned us a popular diet book to read and review. My book is entitled It’s the Calories, Not the Carbs. Although accurate so far, it draws heavily from numerous studies and is extremely dry to read.

Thursday: First of all, I have to register for my Spring courses at 6am. I plan on taking 14 hours of classes and 1 hour of research credit. My Tuesdays and Thursdays will be horrible, but I will only have one class on MWF. I hope this works out. The 444 exam simply covers a lot of very basic material. I will simply need to confine myself to the library for a few hours each day before next Thursday.

Saturday: 40-60 page draft due. I won’t be doing much else.