I’m almost done!

by Sarah Luna

Just a quick update:

Only 3 weeks till I come home! But unfortunately, one of those weeks includes 5 finals. Here is where I stand gradewise.

NUTR 405: definitely getting an A
NUTR 430W: A for sure
SPAN 485: A
BICH 410: borderline A/B…I need a 93 on this next exam and a 180 on the final for an A. Doable, yes, but not easy.
KINE 433: borderline A/B…still have pending grades, so I’m not sure what I need.
NUTR 444: probably a B, but you never know.

According to the Honors GPR calculator, as long as I get the A’s that I’m sure of, I’ll be over a 3.5.

Ms. Lorenz, my Community Nutrition professor, really enjoyed my group’s program plan for Jim Wells County (even though she only gave us a 95). She requested to use a copy as a model for future classes. Needless to say, my group-mates and I were extremely pleased.

I also earned a 95 on my NUTR 405 exam. Dr. Kubena’s exams include 2 questions and one case study with 2 hours to write complete, well-thought essay answers for each. The 2 questions tested our knowledge of cystic fibrosis and hypertension. The case study, however, was brilliant. We had to diagnose (from lab values and patient history) a man with diabetes and prehypertension and administer the appropriate dietary treatment.

This week, I only have to worry about my biochemistry exam. So far, I have studied a total of 11 hours. There are still 4 hours till midnight. Even though this test covers material from 6 chapters, I feel pretty confident. I only have to learn the serine protease mechanism and review a few other key concepts. Again, I need a 93.

Classes will be cancelled at noon on Wednesday to allow everyone to travel safely home for Thanksgiving. I’ll be staying in the dorms studying for finals. I need this time to prepare for finals. However, I will be eating Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house, so don’t worry.

I talked with Dr. Dyer on Thursday. She was very impressed with the work I had done on my thesis (47 pages in one week!) Now I face the daunting task of editing all of it which I am putting off until after my biochem test. Good news! I received the George Bush International Travel Grant. I believe this is a $500 grant, but I’ll know for sure once they officially contact me. I’m just starting on the mystical part of my research. I read “The Pilgrimage” by Paolo Coelho on Wednesday which describes his experiences walking the Camino. Very interesting. Shirley MacLaine’s “My Camino” is also an odd read.

That’s everything academic going on in my life.