Give Thanks!

by Sarah Luna

November 25: It is always appropriate to give thanks, but it is especially hard for me around Thanksgiving when I see everyone else going home to be with their families while I’m stuck here. The past few days I have been trying hard not to mope around in front of my friends. It’s hard to say bye to them.

But it has become increasingly apparent how blessed I am. I have beautiful friends who look out for me. I’ll be spending Thanksgiving dinner with my friend Andrew Roblyer at his house. His family is adopting me, some Lechner people, and a host of international students for dinner. Andrew was one of my Lechner fish last year. He remembered that I didn’t have a place to go for Thanksgiving, so he invited me last week to spend it with his family. He’s an International Studies major learning Arabic so that he can study at the Qatar campus. He also writes his own plays and directs them. Needless to say, I meet the most fascinating people in Lechner.

I have other wonderful friends as well. This past week, Anthony offered to let me celebrate Thanksgiving with him and his brother and grandparents in Houston. Yesterday, Drew invited me to spend the holiday with his family in Dallas. And finally today, Jamie called me after her killer (inorganic or quantum?) chemistry exam to make sure that I had “happy plans” for Thanksgiving.

I am so grateful for all of my loving friends. Even though we are all busy and stressed, they never forget about me.

Dr. Dyer (my Spanish professor and thesis advisor) emailed me tonight as well inviting me to breakfast tomorrow morning with her family. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go, but she is lovely for remembering me. (I spent Easter with her family my freshman year as well.)