Adventures in the SCC

by Sarah Luna

I’m in the SCC now typing up notes for my 444 final on Friday. I am NOT happy with my grade in that class now. Needless to say, that final is going down. Luckily, my friend Katie is in the same situation. She is in my 405 class which is definitely the capstone nutrition course. And we are both acing it. This 444 class should not even be a problem. It is. It’s extremely frustrating because we are both used to studying mechanism and nutritional process while this class only requires memorization. Neither of us have studied like that since, oh, maybe the 8th grade, so our grades are suffering. We’re going to study together later this week. Luckily, the final is worth 200 points and will replace the lowest test score. I pretty much need a perfect 200 to get an A. It’s possible, but highly unlikely.

Biochem grades were posted just now. I got an 86.5 which is way higher than I thought I’d get. The last graph was really messy. I have an 87.93% in the class. I need an 89.5% to get an A. So close!!! If I calculated correctly, this means I need a 187 out of 200 on the final. This will be tricky, but I’m pretty happy with my grade now.

The girl across from me was loudly talking on her phone. It’s not a quiet zone, but it’s still annoying. Oh well, back to studying.