Wanderings in WCL

by Sarah Luna

First of all, WCL = West Campus Library, my home away from home. For the past week (as well as other times of severe stress), the first and second floors of WCL become my particular friends. Tomorrow I take my biochemistry final at 8am and my 405 final at 1. In honor of my biochem final, I spent 10 hours in WCL rereading my notes and looking over problems. 11:15am to 9:15pm.

I sat at the same table for 10 hours and watched as the various study groups around me changed. Funny things happen during finals. I don’t have time to recount them now, but it was entertaining.

Anyways, I know that I will get at least the 56% to get a B. That was never a concern. However, I’m not so sure about getting the 96% I need to get an A. We shall see.

I come home this Saturday!!!!!!