Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

by Sarah Luna

That’s right. It’s snowing here! I woke up at 9am, looked out the window, and saw snow! We had ice here my freshman year, and it’s gotten pretty cold, but we’ve never had real snow. It was very exciting.

Finals are over! I still had a lot of errands to do though. The morning snow melted by noon, but as I was waiting for the bus around 2:30pm, it started up again! It snowed all afternoon. Everything is white! The only bad thing about snow is the cold. My hands and feet were so numb after playing in the snow with Lara and Tony. We got in the middle of a large snowball fight with some of the other Clements people. Everyone was excited to see the snow…especially since finals were done.

Right now, I’m just sitting in my warm room. In a few minutes, I’ll be going to Jamie’s house for her annual Christmas party. It will be nice to see everyone without being stressed out.

I forgot to mention earlier that I got to see Rockapella last Tuesday. At first we tried to get a big group together, but it ended up being just me and Drew. We got to use donated tickets again, and the seats were excellent. The whole concert was absolutely incredible. One of the men makes all the percussive noises with his mouth and throat. He had two microphones taped to his throat to pick up all of the sounds. I’ll have to tell more about it when I get home.