first days in Spain

by Sarah Luna

I made it! Ok, no USB in this computer, which means you’ll have to wait on the video. So far, I’ve only had one freak-out moment, and that was on the plane. It´s a daunting project.

So far, I’ve visited the cathedal and the Museum of Sacred Art. I visited Sister Ruth whom my professor told me to meet. I didn’t really know what to ask her, so I will probably revisit her.

My limited Spanish has worked out fine so far. My grandpa has been studying and isn’t afraid to try the language out. This will lead to something happening I just know it. But so far, everyone has been very helpful. We ate at a tapas bar for lunch, and the owner ended up giving us shots. Of course my objections of not drinking were waved aside. He said I had to try it. It was a matter of pride for him; he was showing off his region. He poured me about a 1/3 shot of the Galician equivalent of Baileys. It wasn’t gross: in fact, it was the most appealing alcohol I’ve had. But it made my tongue numb