the End of the World and beginning of 2009

by Sarah Luna

Ok, more museums and pilgrims. We went to Finisterre yesterday which was the “end of the world” and the literal end of the Camino. It was gorgeous. What a way to spend the first day of the year! So far I´ve met pilgrims from Germany, England, Italy, and (surprisingly) Korea.

I went to the Museum of Galician Folklore today as well. I got some good information to site about the religious practices here. There is a lot of information, and I´m not sure yet how it will all come together. I´m trying to write a bit everyday even if it´s just outlining ideas. The museum is built in a monastery, and the building was way cooler than any of the exhibits. It had a triple staircase reminiscent of a collagen fiber.

ok, that´s all for today. I need to spend the rest of my minutes on research even though internet is relatively cheap here (1 hour for 1.75€ as opposed to 8 minutes for 1€ in Ireland).

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years´!