by Sarah Luna

We had a beautiful day today. The sun actually came out, and I didn´t have to wear my huge jacket. Since the weather was good, I decided to take Grandpa on the roof tour of the Cathedral. (I have video!) That was one of my favorite things when I was first here, and it was just as good this time. Grandpa really enjoyed it. I also visited the Pilgrim Office and asked about pilgrim statistics. The man at the desk spoke some English. He gave me the official website, so I´ll look into that.

Grandpa and I met a group of about 10 Italian pilgrims who had just arrived. One of the girls was limping toward the cathedral. It was a very moving sight. We also met two pilgrims from Brazil who had been studying in France. They made the pilgrimage on bicycle and have to be back in France by Monday for classes. I realized after leaving them that they must speak at least 4 languages: Portuguese, French, English, and Spanish. So amazing.