cultural exchanges

by Sarah Luna

So I´m in the internet cafe again, but it’s kind of hard to concentrate because speakers are blasting Mika. It’s odd that the majority of music played here is in English (even Christmas carols)…and about 5 years behind American music. Occasionally, I’ll hear Juanes or Shakira or Amaral which makes me happy, and the tourist shops play Galician music like Luar na Lubre which I love.

Not much has happened today since it is a holiday here. Yesterday I went to the Biblioteca Xeral de la Universidad. It was an absolute PAIN to look at books. I had to fill out a card for each book I wanted to look at (just look at, not even check out). Even then, I almost didn´t get the books because I didn´t have a card. And the librarian spoke Galician, not Spanish, and was not helpful. He kept looking at me and saying: Foto. Yes, I know I need one, but I don´t have one. Finally he let me look at the books in exchange for keeping my passport on the front desk. So that was frustrating.

Sidenote: A&M’s eDoc system is amazing. I requested an obscure thesis, and received it via email today. Now I have the article I needed not simply in a different state (as I would be in CA) but in a different country. I love it! I´m going to meet with the author of the thesis on the 8th, so I´m pretty excited.

For those who may be curious (Drew), the internet cafe is called BBIGG. That’s all I know.

This trip has been amazing, and I still have a few more days. But I really miss being home, and I can´t wait to come back!