What’s in Store

by Sarah Luna

Today is the second day of school, and I am feeling the stress already. Let me take you through my classes.

Biochemistry 411: the second semester of BICH with the same professor. I know what’s expected, and it will be hard.

Human Diseases (HLTH 335): Conceivably the hardest class in the KINE major. According to the grade reports, over half the students earn C’s. The professor seems cool though and eager to interact with us.

Shakespeare (ENGL 312): The only reason I’m taking this class is because I need 3 credits of Visual and Performing Arts credit. Apparently my performance-based dance classes don’t count. It’s an honors course and only involves a midterm, a term paper, and a final. Tons of reading assignments though. This class won’t be hard necessarily, merely time-consuming.

Aerobic Movement (KINE 199): This class will be so much fun! Essentially we learn how to choreograph and teach an aerobics class. Too bad it’s only one credit.

Exercise Evaluation & Prescription (KINE 439): This class is everything my 405 class was in Nutrition. It is the clinical synthesis of everything I have learned as a KINE major. The professor is a great resource for information on internships and jobs, and he really wants to help us out. I’m really looking forward to this class. 4 credit hours equals lots and lots of work.

Therapeutic Principles of Exercise (KINE 427): Same prof as 439. Same clinical approach. Should be fun.

Thesis (SPAN 491): I’m on Chapter 4! WOO!

Total: 19 credit hours.