All About Me

by Sarah Luna

One of the awesome things about my KINE classes this semester is access to the human performance labs. These are the facilities used to test all of A&M’s athletes, and I get to learn how to use them. Last week’s lab focused on 4 different types of body composition methods: bio-impedance, DEXA scan, skinfold measurements, and underwater weighing. The DEXA scan is considered to be the gold standard of all body composition tests and runs about $295. I got one done during lab. It was awesome.


Bio-Impedance: this is basically just a scale that sends an electrical signal through my body. Based on the time the signal takes to pass through my body, a machine determines body density and body fat percentage. According to this test, I have 23.4% body fat.

DEXA scan: this test not only measures overall body fat but tells where that fat is deposited. The DEXA scan consistently measures 5-6% more body fat in subjects. I have 28.4% body fat in my legs, 24.7% body fat in my trunk, and 25% body fat overall. I store fat in my legs, which is healthy. This test also measured bone mineral density. I have an awesome picture of my skeleton now. Also, everyone will be glad to know that I have excellent bone mineral density. Overall, 1.175 g/cm squared.

Skinfold: I got to pinch my classmates in 7 different locations and have them pinch me. This test is probably the simplest body composition test to conduct. Using the sum of skinfold measurements, I could calculate my body density and then body fat percentage. 21.4%.

Underwater weighing: This test involved me stripping down to a sports bra and shorts and immersing myself in a small pool. I had to exhale all the air out of my lungs and then submerge my head completely for about 10 seconds. The chair in the pool was actually a scale hooked up to a computer which read my weight. On land, I weighed 58.1 kg. Underwater, I weighed 2.33kg. After some simple calculations, my body fat percentage came out to be 16.9%.

Other tests:

Blood pressure: 98/58 mmHg
Resting heart rate: 49 bpm
Total cholesterol: 150
HDL-C: 65
LDL-C: 72
triglycerides: 66
Blood glucose: 94

To conclude, I am perfectly healthy.