Summer Update

by Sarah Luna

I arrived in CS Saturday night. Matt picked me up from the airport and took me to get food. I was starving and yet couldn’t eat more than three bites of the fabulous Honey Butter Chicken Sandwich from What-a-Burger because I was too busy visiting.

Then I moved into the Gateway apartment with Allyson! ♥ I’m loving my bed, my room, and the kitchen! I just got food today though…market transportation was hard to come by, but then I called out to the facebook world and Galen answered and drove me.

Classes started yesterday: Food Systems Management and Athletic Injuries. TONS of information. omg. Two tests next week and a massive project assigned already. However, FSM has a built in certification so in 5 weeks, I will have my Food Safety Manager certification!

Also, I teach my first kickboxing class tomorrow! I’m so excited. Well, I only get to teach the warm up since I’m a trainee…but the excitement is still there. And I’ll be training in yoga on Saturday. I love my boss and the group of girls I’ll be working with…reminds me of last summer at CCF. Next week, I begin teaching water aerobics three times a week to the Fitlife participants. I’ll have my own apprentice, too!

I’m especially excited about renewing my commitment to fitness; it’s been kind of put off the past few years due to school, but now I have a chance to rekindle the love! My body already aches from the miles I’ve walked to and from the apartment to the university (about 30min each way), and I can’t wait for the intense, full-body soreness to come!

Anyways, I have 2 papers and a project to outline by tomorrow…so I’ll stop here.

Plan for tomorrow: class 8-11:30, track down research guy, project, kickboxing!, Triple Threat, Guts & Glutes, and last but not least…making cookies!