Week 2 Updates

by Sarah Luna

I’ve slowly gotten into a rhythm with my classes and other activities. Both Nutrition and Athletic Injuries continue to interest me with the subject matter. Today I get to help with food preparation at Crestview retirement living.

In addition to my coursework, I’ve been kept busy teaching water aerobics and training in kickboxing and yoga. I intend to start separate blogs for these activities to organize lesson plans. These classes alone account for five workouts per week, but I really enjoy going to other rec classes to learn different techniques to put into my classes. Basically, if I’m not studying, I’m at the Rec Center.

Living off campus is nice since I have a kitchen. However, each morning I have to wake up at 6:30am and walk for 30 minutes to get to campus. This is a rather pleasant walk at 7am, and it’s a good source of light exercise for me. It becomes less pleasant at 3 in the afternoon when temperatures are slowing approaching the triple digits. I’ve gotten in the habit of staying on campus until evening to avoid the heat. The only problem with this strategy is that I often end up walking home in the dark.

This week, I began performing ex vivo pQCT scans on mouse tibia for my next thesis. I learned how to use the scanner and performed 7 scans (each scan takes about 15 minutes). I’m excited to begin this project. The Ph.D. student I’m working for also wants me to analyze the effectiveness of their mouse titration setup which should be fascinating.

The only bad thing so far is my computer still does not function. I don’t know how to wipe it clean and reinstall it, so I’m waiting for my friend Matt to come visit so he can fix it. Allyson’s boyfriend George might be able to help me too.

Well, I’m off to finish a nutrition assignment and then go to Crestview. Then I teach water aerobics tonight! I’m going to try out some step choreography…we’ll see how that goes. The ladies seemed excited when I told them that yesterday.