Off to Cornell!

by Sarah Luna

Right now I’m sitting in the airport at College Station waiting for my first flight. I from CLL to Houston to Newark to Ithaca, NY. I spent last night downloading PDFs of research papers to read on the 4.5 hour flight.

Cornell is flying about 20 graduate candidates out this weekend. The official program begins Friday at 8:30 in Savage Hall. We will get breakfast and hear two speakers before splitting up for interviews. I’ll be interviewing with Drs. Stoltzfus, Rasmussen, Haas, and Pelletier. If anyone’s interested, all their info is here. Saturday involves a chilifest and bowling. I’ll get to meet the faculty and current grad students and interact with the other candidates. I arrive in Ithaca at 4:14pm local time and have the evening free. The hotel is in downtown Ithaca, so I’m hoping there are some interesting things to see. Time to board!