Genetics lab is over!

by Sarah Luna

Finally. I hated that lab. The experiments themselves weren’t bad, but the TA had no idea how to explain anything. We’d spend 40 minutes listening to her lecture and then spend the next 2 hours floundering through an ill-explained, ill-understood experiment. It was a weekly source of anger and frustration.

Oh, for our last lab (while waiting for our PCR to run) we had a GMO debate. Half of the class represented America* wanting to send Golden rice to Zambia and the other half represented the president of Zambia refusing GMO rice even though his people were starving. I was (put) on the Zambian side and had to argue against Golden rice. Let me just say that lab was not a good forum for intelligent debate… Arguments were nonsensical, but I guess that mirrors the real world pretty accurately.

Off to get lunch before my next lab. Food bacteriology = best lab since Scientific Principles of Food.

*Pet peeve: referring to the United States as “America”. America includes two continents…it’s not just us.