Just a little further…

by Sarah Luna

I am so ready to be done. I’ve been staring at my genetics notes for too long (and it’s a Friday night, too). These last few weeks are going by soooooooooo slowly. Graduation doesn’t seem to get any closer.

Master Moore texted me today though saying that he had received my announcement and that he was proud of me. It made my day to hear from him. Other than my wonderful father (of course Pop would be first), he was probably the man I looked up to the most. It’s odd to think that that part of my life is probably gone for good.  The people who made Tae Kwon Do special for me are no longer there when I go home. First Master Park, then Master Moore, then Master Bang, and Brian, and finally Chris have moved on either to open their own (successful) studios, or to school, or to the Air Force. Funny what emotions one little text can evoke.

Ring Dance is tomorrow, and I’m sure I’ll write more about that later.

Hey cabbage, if you’re reading this after midnight…Happy 21st birthday. I miss you and love you and wish you a wonderful year.