Ring Dance: hair

by Sarah Luna

Lots to say about Ring Dance, so I thought it’d be best to split it up among multiple posts rather than to cram it all in one massive post.

Hair is a battle. My long, coarse, wiry hair hides a mind of its own that refuses to cooperate with any styling implement. It rages when I run, escapes when I restrain it, laughs when I try to tame it. I’ve learned to feel most comfortable with it drawn back in a loose English braid or ungathered against my shoulders. But of course, that would not do for a formal occasion.

So I thought to myself: who else has long, black, coarse, curly hair? And what hair style could possible survive 4 hours of dancing? Interminable image searches produced extravagant updos shellacked with goop. Not for me.

Finally I come across pictures of flamenco dancers. These beautiful Andalusian gypsy women embrace the natural sultriness of the female body even while passionately dancing. And all have long, dark hair. The picture I found showed the hair swept back and contained in a massive chignon accented with a black feather and a white rose. This was it.

Now for the construction: the bun looked as neat as the military buns I saw at Chris’ Air Force BMT graduation, so I raided youtube and found this video. Perfect.

  • 12pm: shower
  • 1230-1530: let hair dry in the sun. The day was gloriously dry for Texas, so my hair did actually dry all the way.
  • 1530-1600: straighten hair. There is no other way to manage it. None.
  • 1600-1605: Sock bun. Lots of bobby pins.
  • 1615: Tie black scarf around bun and coil it on top. Add decorative pins. Done.

And the beautiful thing about this hairstyle is that it required no hairspray. I hate hairspray; it’s sticky and gross and little better than getting glue in your hair. No hairspray has the added benefit of flexibility. This style looked great up; but when I took it down after a particularly wild dance, my hair had the perfect set of gentle waves and was still formal-friendly. I will definitely use this again.