More musings on hair

by Sarah Luna

Tonight was the final presentation for Honors Fellows. But let me back up…today was the busiest day I’ve had in a long time. Genetics, 489 project, meeting with Dr. Bloomfield, more 489 work, 489 meeting, Food Bac Lab final, Fellows. Back to back to back. In other words, I had no time to look nice.

My ideas of “proper” hair have evolved. As a child, I was always told to wear my hair down to look nice. I suppose long, thick, wavy hair was pretty, but it was a pain. And I had no idea what to do with it. Now looking back at pictures, all I see is a frizzy mass in all of my “nice” pictures. Even throughout high school, I tried to keep part of my hair down in more formal settings.

No more. My rules have changed. Professional means no loose hair. Not even a low ponytail. It needs to be braided or bunned or twisted. If I’m wearing a collar, all hair must be above it.

Casual curls for daywear are still perfectly acceptable. Only with a strapless dress is loose hair permissible at night.

So tonight, in preparation for my presentation, I composed a Classic (meaning two braids) twist (2 strands) and then pinned it at the nape of my neck. It looked clean, simple, and elegant. And it took me 5 minutes.