Ring Dance: main event

by Sarah Luna

On a scale of 1-10, Ring Dance’s ability to bring the party…5. My girls and I taking the party wherever we go…let’s just say, we’re the perfect ’10.

In true Throsofo fashion, we girls take charge of the event. Our dates arrived promptly at 6 and one by one escorted a beautiful lady from the house. Lara and Tony, Jamie and Ben, Alicia and Zane, Rebe and Chris, Wrangler and me. We met Allyson and George at the George Bush Library for pictures. The day could not have been more gorgeous. We almost break up a Corps proposal as we maneuvered around the lake looking for the perfect spot. Endless group shots later, each couple shows their personality with dance poses, awkward prom poses, and 4 years of inside joke pictures.

Awesome Italian at Cenare’s for dinner. But no banquet room. Sorry Lara.

In 75 years, this was the first Ring Dance to be held at the Hilton. The auxiliary rooms were cutely decorated and had some snacks (chocolate fountain!) but really had no entertainment value. Texans simply don’t dance to anything but country music. The Grand Ballroom, however, was equipped with a large (though not large enough) dance floor and a live country band. Awesome band.

Needless to say, we spent the majority of our time dancing the night away. Lara and Tony and Jamie and Ben showed off their newly minted Wrangler moves. Wrangler surprised me with his leading skills…I didn’t remember him being that good. At one point, we were squished in the exact center of the floor and could only turn in circles.

Highlight of the night: band plays “Brick House”. Cue mass exodus of people who don’t have well-rounded dance skills. Cue entrance of Sarah and Jamie. Oh yes, we took over that floor. Eventually the rest of our group joined and we had ourselves a perfect wedding-style crazy dance.

Finished up our night turning our rings under the HUGE ring at the Associations Building. In all, a great night.