how I ruined my shoes

by Sarah Luna

My friends Wesley and Eric invited me to go to Salsa lessons and dancing at Las Lomas last night. A close friend of Eric’s was just starting up there, and he wanted the first night to be high energy. I was apprehensive at first since I couldn’t muster up my own partner to bring, but there was no need. As soon as I walked on to the patio, I met up with Wesley and introduced myself to this fascinating group of grad students. (Eric got his Masters in 2008, so he knew an older crowd.) Much talking and laughing. Turns out I wasn’t the only one feeling apprehensive. The white girls there adamantly protested that their hips couldn’t do what mine and Eric’s could.

The instructor started off slow with bachata and merengue because neither had half beats. He pulled me out to demonstrate the proper hip motions. Oh yes, I am that good. The atmosphere was really laid back on the patio, and the night air was hot and sticky. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves. Salsa and cumbia followed. Shakira, Celia Cruz, Mana, Chino & Nacho, Elvis Crespo.  I even got roped into doing karaoke to Shakira. By the end of the night, I had worn holes in both my shoes. Definitely going back next week.