by Sarah Luna

I spent seven hours at the Rec today. We’re having a Cinco de Mayo party on Wednesday that will involve a huge stage, kickboxing, zumba, and cardio dance. I’ll be on stage for part/some/most of it.

Then we spent the next three hours split up into all 4 studios auditioning new instructors. Candidates must teach a 12 minute mini class of either step or kickboxing. Most of the candidates took the six week training course which covers safety and the basic principles of group teaching (it’s not as easy as it looks). I enjoyed judging because for once people were interested in body mechanics. Which I love. I was also the resident kickbox expert in my room. After much discussion, we accepted the newest class of Rec instructors. I’ll be training some of them this summer and can’t wait!

Tonight was my last kickboxing class of the semester. I rocked it. At one point I was too winded to cue…that doesn’t often happen. I worked in my favorite combos and turned those girls into a phalanx of perfectly coordinated kicking machines! I stayed for the Guts and Glutes class after even though I was dead tired. My quads had already started to stiffen up. My friend Kristen teaches, and I was getting ideas for summer when I’ll teach that class. Oh goodness, need to practice the plank. So weak. :/ So sore right now. Bedtime.