I am such a lightweight

by Sarah Luna

I just spent 10 hours sleeping only to get up and move to the couch and sleep another hour. Sleeping off what, you may ask. Not alcohol, my friends. Food.

This is what I get for hanging out with boys all day. I forget how much they love to eat. I met Anthony at the Chicken for lunch because it is a “very Aggie thing to do, and this might be the last time we eat lunch together”. So depressing. But the burger was awesome. I’m definitely taking my family there. After that, I tag along while he and Tony look at an apartment for next year. In the process, they got stood up by a softball player.

It was conveniently dinnertime after that, so we go to Cotton Patch. The boys were shocked to hear that I’d never had chicken-fried steak and convinced me to order one. HUGE STEAK. omg. I think I ate about a third. Of course, the boys devour all of theirs. Monday night = Big Bang Theory, so I get a little reprise. But then the boys want Spoons. I have never been one to turn down ice cream or yogurt. I pile the toppings on that sweet treat.

Finally the boys have mercy and take me home. I’m still full.