Eventful Saturday

by Sarah Luna

Yesterday started off with a little blood.

I woke up bright and early and decided that Saturday morning was a decent time to brave Walmart. I made my meal plan for the week and had a strict list of things to buy.  (This week’s recipes feature a few new veggies and tofu!). An hour and a half later, the only item not to be found was the smoked tofu in my pasta recipe. Contemplating the alterations I would have to make to the recipe, I fail to notice that one of the grocery bags was precariously positioned in the child’s seat. A jar falls. I feel the impact on my right foot and hear the shatter of glass. Red everywhere. Luckily most of the red was from the tomato sauce in the jar, but slowly I distinguish the crimson of my own blood spilling from a nasty gash in my middle toe. Having nothing with me to clean up the blood, I slowly pick up the glass and limp to the car in my now slippery flip flops. By the time I arrive home, the blood had already coagulated. Finding no bandaids anywhere, I wash and then wrap my toe in a pad and toilet paper and two socks. I made sure to keep it elevated.

The day got much better with a wonderful lunch with my friend Andrew. He’s really quite amazing, and it was cathartic to catch up with him and see where life was taking him. He’s off to Egypt this summer, and I’m off to Cornell in the fall. I really hope this isn’t the last I see of him. Andrew, if you’re reading this, you’ve inspired me to reread the Book of Matthew. Thank you.

I finished off the day shopping with Allyson at Forever 21 (she had a gift card) and ended up finding $2.50 camisoles. Nice. Then I went and watched House with Tony. All in all, a very good day.