Lovin’ life right now

by Sarah Luna

This week has been awesome so far and promises just to get better.

My job as a stress test tech at Central Texas Heart is finally getting better. We had a shortage of the necessary radioisotope these past two weeks which meant a shortage of work which meant Sarah filed charts for HOURS on end. I have a strong aversion to boredom. But today was fantastic because we finally had a full schedule and I worked autonomously for part of the day. I’ll upload a few of the funkier rhythms I saw when I’m not so tired.

I taught my first kickboxing class of the summer today as well. Summer classes are never as busy, but I had a good turnout. I just finished preparing a playlist for Cardio Water tomorrow. Super excited to teach that as well. I haven’t taught water aerobics since December. Should be fun!

Tomorrow night, Hall. This is our last night together. It’s sad, but we are going to go out with style! Friday night, 2 hour kickboxing workshop followed by salsa at Las Lomas. Weekend, yogafit Level 1 certification course and hanging out with Jamie!

Life is good.