by Sarah Luna

On June 4-5, I was blessed to attend the Level 1 YogaFit workshop in Austin. I received a grant from the Rec Center to attend the training and bring back the YogaFit style of teaching to my Sunrise Yoga class.

The course was a 20 hour course over two days. The first day I arrived late to the studio due to inadequate directions. When I finally made an appearance, our instructor Josh came up and welcomed me with a hug. He was a very compassionate and flamboyant instructor. He led us through the proper Yogafit format for a class: Mountain I, Valley I, Mountain II, Valley II, Mountain III, and final relaxation. Each part of the class has a specific purpose and a specific number of breaths accorded to each movement. Then he led us through an amazing yoga class that lasted an hour and forty-five minutes (normally, classes are only an hour). He verbally adjusted each pose with thoughtful and effective cues. His introduction of the Sun Salutation and subsequent Mountain III poses were brilliant and grueling. Finally after an hour of stances and balances, he leads us into final relaxation. I have never been so relaxed in my entire life. Every muscle melted and my mind shut off.

By the end of the workshop (with included 2 more classes and hours of group work), I had learned many new ways of cuing different poses and had lots of ideas to bring back to my class. My body was also in complete rebellion. After all the flexibility work, my spine could no longer support my upper body. I had to listen to the last few hours lying flat on my back. Though it took me a week to recover, I can say that I’ve learned invaluable techniques for my own yoga practice.