by Sarah Luna

I’m still working at inpatient (6 weeks down, 7 to go). Still working at the Rec. Nothing really new to report there.

Lara drove down from Houston to visit yesterday. She’s started the Teach for America training program where they prepare all their incoming teachers. She’s teaching 7th grade English summer school right now. After summer is over, she’ll be teaching the same at an IDEA school in the Rio Grande Valley. We caught up for a bit, went to Fitz’s to watch the US-Ghana World Cup game, and then saw Toy Story 3. It was a good visit, though altogether too short.

Tonight Sarah (my roommate) and I are hosting the Summer Nerds dinner. We’re making cashew chicken, sweet ‘n sour tofu, egg rolls, rice, and fortune cookies for 14 of our friends. It’ll be a lot of work and a lot of fun. I’m looking up funny things to put in the fortune cookies now.

I received the book and the syllabus for the class I’ll be TAing along with the date of our first meeting…August 20th. So it’s official: I need to be in Ithaca by August 20th. Internship ends the 13th. Still working out travel plans, but I’m coming home.