How to read a blog

by Sarah Luna

Hi family!

Since you’re the ones reading this blog most, I thought I’d explain how one exactly reads a blog. If you already know, awesome! If you don’t, I hope you have somehow made it through to this post.

First of all, what is a blog? Rather than delve into that, I recommend this article. (Click it, and it should open in a new tab). The author explains what a blog is, why people blog, and the possible blog components. There, now we know.

My blog, as we should know, is located at and named “Making Waves”. I’m guessing that each time you want to check and see if I’ve written anything, you simply go to that address and read any new posts. But it’s tiresome to constantly check, and no one wants to miss out on anything from my fabulous life right now. Checking the site every day is akin to going to the mailbox* to see if there’s mail. There isn’t always mail, and it’s a pain to check.

Luckily for all of us, there’s an easier way. What if the mailman rang our doorbell each time we had mail? Then we would know when it was time to walk to the mailbox. RSS feeds, like doorbells, alert us to new information, and “feed readers” ring those doorbells. I probably lost most of you at “RSS feeds”. I linked the wikipedia article if you’re curious. If not, just think of an RSS feed reader as a nice little man who waves and points at my blog whenever I write something.

If you want your own reader, I recommend Google Reader. It organizes everything from blogs to news. You do have to create a Google account, but it’s well worth it to have the email address, calendar, reader, and Picasa. Once signed in, click on “Add a subscription” in the top left corner and paste in the link to my (or any) blog. What pops up is a list of my current blog posts that you can click on and read. Each time I update, a copy of my post will show up.

Gran, Macs have their own special readers (NewsFire, NewsMac, and others) but also work well with Google Reader.

Hopefully, this has clarified a simpler way of reading blogs.


Happy reading! ~Sarah


*wonderful metaphor courtesy of my roommate Sarah