One Year Goals

by Sarah Luna

I’ve been having a tough time drawing up a list of goals because I keep playing it safe. I keep making baby goals–ones I know I can achieve.

To pep myself up, I drew up a retrospective list of goals from this past year.

  • Graduate with two degrees from Texas A&M (Nutrition and Kinesiology)
  • complete thesis #2 relating to space life sciences
  • travel to a foreign country (China)
  • get accepted to a PhD program (Cornell)
  • get full funding for a PhD program
  • teach different styles of fitness (yoga, kickboxing, water aerobics, resistance)
  • buy a laptop using own funds (Lenovo IdeaPad U350)
  • successfully live in and maintain a house for one year

I’ve done a lot this year.

Now here’s my list for the upcoming year.

  • travel to two foreign countries (fully funded of course)
  • travel to two nutrition conferences
  • become independent of my car
  • register a domain name
  • dance three nights a week

While I have other goals, these I feel will be the most challenging.  There are also plenty of mini goals that must be accomplished to reach these bigger goals. I’ll go into detail when it’s not 12:30am.

Good night!