new book

by Sarah Luna

As my last act as an A&M student, I ordered The Power of Less by Leo Babauta from the library via the Get it for me! system. This service tracks down whatever book, paper, or media you want and delivers it to Evans Library (or to your email if it’s an academic paper). I’ve used it before to get articles in Spain for my thesis. It’s awesome.

I’m about 50 pages into the book right now, and it’s brilliant. A few of the blogs I’ve been reading have mentioned this book as a source of inspiration.

In this book, Mr. Babauta outlines 6 principles to simplify one’s life.

  1. Set limitations (how many times do you really need to check your email?) in order to accomplish fewer–but more important–tasks
  2. Choose the essential in your life
  3. Simplify (cut out the nonessential)
  4. Focus
  5. Create habits
  6. Start small

Addressing #1, I will start checking my email/facebook only twice a day: morning and evening. This should be interesting.