3 days left

by Sarah Luna

Three days left in Texas. My car is all packed up, my room is empty, and my degree is nearly complete. All my patients have wished me luck in New York. They are so cute.

Nice older gentleman: So what are you going to do?
Me: After I graduate, I’m moving to New York to do graduate school at Cornell.
Nice old man: ….you should find a nice Texan boy to marry and stay here instead.

A lot of the old men ask me about my husband. I have to disappoint them by saying I don’t have one. I mean, I’m 22, I must have a husband or fiance or boyfriend or SOMETHING. But no. They’re quite perplexed. : )  I’m going to miss them. They say I’m one of their “sweet granddaughters” (all of us girls are so spoiled…they bring us donuts, too).

In the next three days, I will sell/donate my clothes that don’t fit, have my car checked up, rid the house of all of my hair, and say my last goodbyes. Texas has been good to me.