super excited right now

by Sarah Luna

I just got an email from Laura, the graduate assistant for the Nutrition department at Cornell, informing me that my temporary advisor for the upcoming year will be Dr. Jere Haas.  He was my first choice!!! I’m so excited right now I’m nearly jumping in my seat.

When I visited Cornell in February, I was interviewed by four professors. While all four were important experiences, I came out of his interview feeling inspired and encouraged. While the other professors questioned my reasoning for getting a degree in Kinesiology, he saw it as a natural extension of nutrition (like I do), and he himself started out as a biological anthropologist. My 30 minute interview with him felt more like an adult discussion on each of our research interests.

This news came at just the right time. It’s been really hard packing up my home of the last year and saying goodbye to my friends from the past four years. Texas A&M was right where I needed to be, and I learned so much here. But it’s time to move on.

And from the looks of it, I’m moving on to even better things.