I helped a man walk today

by Sarah Luna

Right now, I want to complain that I had a bad day. That I’m worried and stressed and trying to do too many things at once. But today wasn’t a bad day at all. Today was a very good day overall, but one bad thing happened that threatens to sour my triumphs.

But first the good things. I accomplished my MITs of looking nice for my evaluation and taking my car to the shop. Today was my last Thursday of my internship. All my Thursday patients wished me well in my future endeavors.

Best part of my day: I had the opportunity to help an older man walk on the treadmill. Dr. L and Mrs. L are two of my favorite patients. They come together every single day to exercise. Today Mrs. L asked me if I could encourage her husband to try the treadmill. He could only walk assisted by a walker and was plagued by back pain. However, he had been doing 40 minutes of cardio on the seated stepper. His wife knew he was strong enough. Dr. L walked in with his walker. As I was getting his vitals, I suggested trying the treadmill for two minutes. I had to reassure him that he could hold on and that it would go very slowly. He agreed to try. It took two of us holding on to him and a chair for rest, but he walked for two minutes. It was a beautiful sight.

The EPs took Danna and me out to lunch to celebrate the end of our internship. They paid for us.

I taught my last water aerobics class, and all my regulars came. We had a wonderful time, and they all wished me luck. It’s nice to know that people choose to come do their exercise with me.

So what was the bad part of today? Money. Worrying about money. How stupid is that. I paid more than I anticipated to get my car checked. But now the oil is changed, and I know why the engine light was on. Knowledge is power, right? It’s also expensive. I wanted to cry earlier today, but then I remembered the rest of my day. And the beauty and encouragement I was able to bring to others today. And I refuse to let money worries trouble me. My first check as a graduate student comes in two weeks, and I’ll do what I need to until then.

So today was a good day.