getting ready for the Beach!

by Sarah Luna

I am so ready for the beach. My stuff is packed, the party is planned, and I have an awesome new outfit to match my cousin Kenzie. Now if only the weather will shape up…

This year’s Beach trip will be slightly different for me. I will be leaving the Beach a day and a half early to fly to Cornell and start my new life there. I will live out of my suitcase for the first few days until Pop and Sam meet me out there with the car. While this is kind of stressing me out, I’m trying not to let it get in the way of all the fabulous beach stuff.

Each year, Gran throws a beach birthday party for one of the little cousins. This year it’s Miss Kenzie’s turn. We’ll be having a Hawaiian Princess party, and I’ll be teaching everyone how to Hula. I think Gran has a grass skirt for me, too. Once out of the skirt, I will be in a matching pink and orange leopard outfit compliments of Target’s little girl section (and its size XL).

Can’t wait till Friday!