Beach house!

by Sarah Luna

The beach is just how I left it: luminescent water framed by purple mountains. And no fires this year! Unadulterated color!

I arrived at the beach on Friday afternoon greeted by my little cousins. They’re so big now! At least they’re all still shorter than me…for now. And my aunts and mom are all together now. Oh goodness, they are funny.

Sam and I started a game where whenever someone says something that could be song lyrics, we sing the rest of the song. It caught on like wildfire and produced some very good musical scenes. Today’s song was Lady by Styx.

Saturday night just as the little ones were getting ready for bed, my dad called me out on the porch to look at a shooting star. I went outside expecting some sort of trick since I can’t look at a shooting star that’s already shot. All of a sudden, someone hugged me from behind. Someone tall. It was Drew! Apparently my entire family had known he was coming and kept it from me.

It is super fun having him here. I’m usually caught in between the adults and the little ones with no one really my age. This year Sam and I are in the same age group (maturity level…idk), so it’s like having two friends here. Awesome.

We kayaked right into the middle of A POD OF DOLPHINS. At sunset. It was incredible. They were jumping and flipping everywhere.

He leaves tomorrow morning, and I leave the beach tomorrow night. My flight to Ithaca leaves at 6:45 am on Thursday. And so begins my life anew.