pursuit of furniture

by Sarah Luna

I now have a piece of furniture! I went to Dump ‘n Run today in the hopes of finding some small pieces. I navigated the bus system for the first time in order to reach Helen Newman (their rec center). I thought this sale would be more like a flea market on the lawn outside. Instead I saw a massive line leading into HN. Now I had visited HN in February, and it’s a pretty user unfriendly place. Imagine holding a flea market in GRW/Reed with all of Fish Camp in attendance, and you’ll understand why I just said no.

After many tantalizing yet unfruitful craiglist leads, I finally got in touch with a nice lady selling her desk for $40. I looked sturdy, so I arranged for her to drop it off. She and her husband moved it into my quarters. It made me feel better to have even one piece of furniture.

Once I got the desk, I was super motivated to find a desk chair. So motivated that I decided to walk to Walmart to get one.  If ever there were a place that would ostracize Walmart, Ithaca would be it. But I found one that was about a mile and a half away and set out. On the way, a sign directed me to a moving sale where I saw a wonderful oval wooden dinner table for $60. I talked to the owner and asked her to hold it for me until my car got here. She agreed and the table will be mine!

Walmart was picked clean (no chair), but I got a mop and cleaner. Then I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and bought a water purifier. The walk back was brutal. It was worth it though to have clean floors and good water.

Some of the grad students are going to the Chapter House Brew Pub in an hour for live music. I’m really tired, and it looks like it’s going to rain. However, I’m less than a mile away (another reason I love my apartment). I’ll probably pass this time.