I love Cornell

by Sarah Luna

I love everything today. I went to the grad school orientation and got my ID card. It’s pretty. Then I walked around a lot of tables that I guess were Cornell’s version of Open House…MSC Open House is way better. But I found the Ballroom Dance club and the Big Red Barn.

After browsing the tables, I sat down down in preparation for the opening speeches. A girl approached me and said: “Are you with the Nutrition program? I think I remember you from when we interviewed in February.” Her name is Kate. We chatted for a bit before the speakers started. At first there was the normal welcome speech and diversity speech, BUT the keynote speaker was awesome. Dr. Wei Wang spoke about mental health and the challenges we’ll face as grad students. He used graphs, funny pictures, comics, and webcomics to illustrate this point. He kept his presentation upbeat and concise.

Kate and I met up with the other nutrition girls for lunch at the Terrace. We hadn’t seen each other since February, so there was a lot of catching up to do. There are three Amandas and two Sarahs in our group. We’re all very excited and pretty lost. It’s good to have friends.

Now I’m in the Mann Library where I just sat through a nightmarish tutorial that’s supposed to teach our freshmen how to use Pubmed. Oh goodness, it was complex. I foresee more that one problem coming from it.

Ice cream social later tonight. Sam and Pop arrive tomorrow.