favorites so far

by Sarah Luna

Ice Cream: Cornell’s Dairy Bar (yes, it beats Bluebell and Penn State)
Market: Wegmans
Steak: still in TX
boys: still in TX
class: AEM 7440 Advanced Consumer Research

About that last one. I attended this workshop for the first time today. It’s taught by Brian Wansink, leader of the small plate movement, whom I had studied at A&M. He’s on my list of heroes right next to Jamie Oliver. I want him on my committee. He’s brilliant and energetic. He structured this class as a once a week workshop culminating in a “mini masters thesis” that incorporates the theories taught during the semester. Oh, and there’s only 6 of us including the TA.

Today he explained how to read books (and papers) efficiently. He gave us all a book, 20 minutes, and 5 questions. Once time was up, we went around the table summarizing our (entire) books. Best 7 book reports I’ve ever heard. My first assignment is a ladder interview with someone who is a champion of a product ($10 or less) or service. Are you passionate about something? Do you know someone like that? Let me know!