TA trials

by Sarah Luna

Ok, I’ve decided to delete my TA blog. The more I become acquainted with my (lack of) responsibilities, the less appropriate my TA blog seems.

Here’s the deal. NS1150 is an introductory nutrition class with 600 students. There is a cadre of undergraduate TAs who are responsible for leading recitation and formulating test questions. There are eight graduate TAs. Our main responsibilities are grading term papers and editing test questions. The only interactions I’m going to have with students are in office hours 2 hours/week. Who’s going to come to office hours with a random grad student? Who’s going to even care who I am? I’m a bit disappointed because it seems like they took the only fulfilling part of being a TA and gave it to the undergrads…and left me with grading. But who knows? Maybe I’ll be thankful as my work picks up that I won’t be responsible for writing weekly lectures.

Anyways, I’ll try the blog idea with a different class.