revisiting goals

by Sarah Luna

Tomorrow marks two weeks in Ithaca. By tonight (God willing) I’ll have both my paycheck and internet in my apartment. Internet was the last “moving in” chore I had. [ok, just got back from the bank…gah. Ok by tomorrow I should have my entire paycheck in the bank…and rent is due today. lovely. still hoping on the internet]

Now that I’m settled in, I’ve been revisiting my goals and my bucket list. One is to start a nutrition/health blog. I’ve been tossing this idea around for a few months now. I have scribbled down notes and have a pretty clear idea of the direction I want to go. I also have ideas for the first 10 posts and have drafted the first post as well as the “about/purpose” section. Once I have all 10 ideas written, I’ll register a domain name and get hosting. I really (really) just want to get started and go. But I’m waiting to see if this project (like many before) is just a passing whim before I put money into it. I’m hoping to have it up by mid October at the latest.

I meet with my advisor tomorrow morning. He just got back from Mexico today. I guess I should think about what I’m going to talk about. Eek.