Thought lines

by Sarah Luna

About a week ago in my Social Theories and Nutrition class, my professor had us read a chapter on Thomas Kuhn who proposed that science, instead of building on itself continuously (an idea propagated by the words of Sir Isaac Newton), experiences periods of revolution where current thought is overturned. He called these times “paradigm shifts”.

Previously in class we had discussed paradigms as being an addition and cooperation of concepts–a world view. In the turmoil of scientific change, the world view changes.

Even more previously in high school, my English teacher introduced paradigm shifts in the context of reading Lord of the Flies. Now I finally know where that comes from.


I love doing this in my own mind when I suddenly don’t know where an idea came from. I try to trace my thoughts and associations like some kind of Sherlock Holmes forming an idea pedigree.

So Mrs. Resnik-C had a Kuhnian line of thought when she taught us. My mom (and now I do too) have a Skinnerian thought line. Because of her I’ve also been exposed to the gamut of developmental theories. I didn’t realize this until I got to college and opened up a psych book.

I’m learning to appreciate the origin of thoughts while at the same time trying to trace my own. Anyone who looks at my books list (and reads some of them) will notice a few themes.

Theory shapes research. I’m hoping that by getting to the roots of my thought lines, I’ll find applications to investigate in the nutrition arena.

What about you? What are your thought lines?