I’d forgotten how much I loved dancing

by Sarah Luna

I went to the DanceSport orientation Monday night.

Monday was a difficult day for me. As mentioned previously, two of my profs thought I was depressed. My friend Amanda called me later that day wondering why I didn’t make it to statistics…I felt really bad for worrying her. And I worried my mama about 1000 times worse. 😦

But dance always picks up my mood. The new team members met in Willard Smith Hall where the old members welcomed us and introduced themselves. WSH is a building right out of JK Rowling’s world. Huge ballrooms with colorful banners, twisty staircases, oddly lit windows, and asymmetrical floors. We met in a room that had wooden floors, mirrors, ballet bars…and couches and rugs. Like the Room of Requirement.

I learned that I have two dance partners. They’re MINE. I’ve never had a designated partner before. I met my Latin dance partner that night. His name is Enrique. He’s a first year grad student like me. I was worried at first because he had never done the cha cha. But by the end of the hour lesson, he knew the Basic, the New Yorker, the underarm turn, and the cross-body lead. AND he could mix them up and lead them out of the taught order.

Normal people can’t do that after an hour. I was thoroughly impressed.

And he thought I was a good follower. Granted, I was more docile than I am with Anthony or Tony…I figured I should actually follow the rules now.

We have practice every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. First competition is October 8-9th in Ithaca. That’s less than a month.  What have I done?