New Friends

by Sarah Luna

I was lucky to have met my nutrition cohort in February when we were flown up to interview. It was nice at least having acquaintances when I moved up here.

Over the past month, we’ve slowly been transitioning from acquaintances to friends. It helps that we have to depend on each other to avoid the perils of a new environment.

The past 24 hours, I’ve been frantically preparing for my trip to Texas for Amy’s and Chris’ wedding. I’ve had to finish statistics, meet with my TA prof, meet with an advisor, edit and print a poster for a CA conference, enter 25 grades in Blackboard, and correspond with 25 students about those grades. Somehow I accomplished all that.

My stress levels peaked around 10:30 this morning. Luckily I was in the grad student computer lab with a few of the girls. They were more than sympathetic and offered to help with whatever they could. Mostly I just needed to talk through everything.

Here’s a picture of my friends Ashley and Amanda during our apple picking escapade this past Sunday. I picked a peck of apples!

Tomorrow, I’ll be in Texas.

I need this trip.