Friday in Texas

by Sarah Luna

I woke up today, and Allyson made me waffles! They were so good. We visited for a few hours and then headed to campus. She showed me her graduate student office in the O&M building. It’s funny thinking about all of us as grad students now.

I found a place in Evans to work on an assignment that’s due Monday. I have to analyze 25 “wish I had written that” articles to find out what makes a “bitchingly cool article”. Yes, my prof said that. It’s a neat assignment, and I’m enjoying it.

Matt found me in the library. He looked for me the old fashioned way and then described how he could have pinpointed me by tracking the location of my computer. It’s a good thing I’m used to him. We visited over lunch at Antonio’s.

Picked up two transcripts. I remembered that I hadn’t yet proven to Cornell that I had graduated. Oops, better do that soon.

Then I stopped by Dr. Lupton’s office to say hi. I was really nervous, but it was wonderful to talk with her. I got to see Lindsey and Raven, too. They now lead the class we had taken together. I got the latest copy of a manuscript that we’re writing. Hopefully, I’ll be a published author soon.

I stopped by Dr. Bloomfield’s office next, but she wasn’t there.

Allyson picked me, and we watched the beginning of UP. Then Anthony and Wrangler picked me up. Anthony and I went to Susan’s ballroom dance. It was lots of fun seeing all the TAMBDA people. I danced with Paul, Chris, Kyle, Tad, Richard and Anthony. Chris asked me to jive. I think I look like a chicken when I try to jive. I think I ended up just doing East Coast while he did jive. Oh well.

Susan played lots of sambas. I don’t do samba. She also played lots of waltzes though including two of my favorites: “Hushabye Mountain” and “Edelweiss”. Overall, it was a very fun night. Oh, and Anthony saw a huge cockroach in the bathroom.

We’re leaving tomorrow morning for Houston at around 7:30 in the morning. I’m really excited to be here.