Branching out

by Sarah Luna

Lately I’ve been wondering how exactly I’m going to help people with what I know. And I know a lot. I’ve been an athlete for ten years and a nutritionist for four.

I want to encourage people to live healthy lives.

I’ve been using WordPress specifically for a few months now and have blogged since 2008. Watching my readership grow has been a gratifying and humbling experience. It’s been a great place to air my thoughts.

Lately I’ve been wondering why I’m so picky. I know how to eat healthy, and I know the importance of eating healthy. But I don’t eat healthy. I never have–you can ask my mom. I’ve used this question to delve into behavior theory in two of my classes. It’s also inspired my project to test parental strategies in Brian Wansink’s class.

And it’s inspired me to change. I’ve talked the talk for long enough. It’s time for me to get off my butt and change my eating habits.

So I’m going to combine my interests of blogging and food. I’m going to launch new blog that documents my process of buying and trying new vegetables. I’ll probably have to include some video of this, too. Or at least some pictures of me gagging down some broccoli.

I’ll talk about it more as I get closer to the launch. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome in the comments.