by Sarah Luna

In the last two months, I transitioned from working at a cardiac rehab clinic in Texas to being a PhD student in New York. During that time, I read a lot about taking a minimalist approach to life. I was inspired by three blogs in particular: Stonesoup which applies minimalism to the kitchen, Zen Habits, and Far Beyond the Stars.

Then I moved on to books. I used Interlibrary Loan to get a copy of The Power of Less by Leo Babauta (author of Zen Habits). I wrote about his idea of most important tasks.

The reason I’m revisiting this is that I’ve completely lost track of my most important tasks. Something about moving to a new place and starting fresh, I guess, is that there are TOO MANY IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO and not enough time. 🙂

So today, I’m focusing on two things: statistics (I have a prelim tomorrow) and cleaning my apartment (because Mom and Gran are coming). These are my two most important tasks for today.

So once I post this, I’ll close this tab. I’ll close xkcd. I’ll close Gmail. I’ll close Blackboard. The only things on my workspace will be pdfs of statistics homework, labs, and practice exams.