I have a home now!

by Sarah Luna

I was so happy with my apartment the first time I ever walked in it. I had two rooms and two bathrooms and a kitchen all to myself. Getting my first piece of furniture felt like a triumph. Then Pop and Sam drove up and did all the structural work. They built shelves for me, wired everything, drove all over town for Craigslist furniture, and moved the heavy stuff. My apartment functioned once they were through with it.

But the past four weeks, I’d only made minimal additions to it. I simply hadn’t had the time to invest in making my living space pretty. I’d been spending 10-15 hours a day on campus and any spare time sleeping.

Now Mom and Gran are here. They loved my apartment when they first saw it Wednesday afternoon, but they immediately started making a list of things I needed. Pillows, lampshades, rugs, kitchen mats, containers, pencil sharpeners, tissues…the list went on.

On Thursday, I was on campus from 9am to 9:30pm. Dumb statistics prelim. Anyways, they were left to their own devices for 12.5 hours. I come home and OMG my apartment was GORGEOUS. So much color! They rearranged my living room so it actually looks like a living room. The free rug Amanda found for me blends with the two papasan chairs which go with the red accent pillows. My beautiful table is now in a corner next to my Pop’s bookshelves as a study nook.

And the focal point. What grad student has time to make a focal point? Not me. But they did. The words “Faith, Hope and Love” are beautifully stenciled on my wall surrounded my black and brown picture frames. Frames I get to fill. I can’t wait.

And finally my bedroom. Now my bed is out of the spidery corner. Now I have a rug so my feet don’t freeze. Now my clothes are neatly folded. It’s beautiful.

It’s my home now. (…and don’t fret, pictures will come)

NYC tomorrow!