teaser pics of the new place

by Sarah Luna

We’re back in Ithaca after a wonderful trip to NYC. We saw West Side Story and Billy Elliot on Broadway, explored Times Square, toured the city by bus, and ate some glorious cheesecake. But more on that later.

Upon returning, we embarked on a quest to find me a winter coat. We seem to have been a week early in this shopping endeavor. None of the stores had their heavy wear in stock. Discouraged, we decided to get much needed hair cuts. (The dry weather here had completely destroyed the last 2 inches of my hair.) I’m so glad we did because the nice girls cutting our hair directed us to TJ Maxx where there was an abundance of (decently priced) winter wear.

I made out like a bandit. I am a very spoiled girl. I now have a full length down coat, a pea coat, sweaters, turtlenecks, slippers, lots of socks, lots of tights/leggings, scarves, and a Cornell hat.

And finally, courtesy of Gran, here is a picture of me sitting in my living room. She took it by stealth.

It’s a bit messier with all of our stuff unpacked. The bed I’m sitting on folds into an ottoman. I’m wearing my new sweater and my new pink slippers. Note the picture frames on the wall.

Here’s the next picture after I’m alerted.

So there you have it! That’s my living room. We’re going to take pictures of the full apartment once everything is cleaned up tomorrow.

Classes start again tomorrow, but I’ve had a fabulous Fall Break!