20 minutes

by Sarah Luna

Since I just got home and I still have 5 journal articles and 5 student papers to read, I’m just giving myself 20 minutes to blog.

I was super busy today. Somehow I was able to forget about work while Mom and Gran were here. But it all came flooding back as soon as I dropped them off. Fifty unread emails, 25 ungraded papers, untouched scientific readings too numerous to count. And two assignments due today.

I trudged to campus, finished my assignments, walked through my study design, and attended a seminar finishing right at 5pm. Then I went straight to the lab to aliquot 100 microliter increments of my own plasma. Yes, that’s right, my blood (plasma and RBC) is being stored in a -80F freezer. And now I get to play with it.

I stayed on campus till 9 for ballroom practice. It’s so late to be on campus, but it makes me so happy. I just need to find the time to practice because I hate being awful.

On my walk from the bus stop, I had Broadway music playing in my head. Usually after each musical I watch, one particular song will haunt me for days after. When I saw Les Misérables with Lara, Jamie, and Anthony nearly 2 years ago, the music played in my head for a month.

So I thought I’d entertain you with the songs that have stuck with me.

Les Misérables

  • A Little Fall of Rain
  • Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

Billy Elliot

  • Expressing Yourself – this was hilarious
  • Once We Were Kings – this one reminds me of October Sky. The imagery of the miners descending into the ground never fails to make me cry.

And my 20 minutes are up. I’ll make a proper list later.